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Nookums Paci-Plushies vs Wubbanub

Posted by Don Ball on

What is a Wubbanub?

A Wubbanub is a 6"-7" plush toy that is sewn to a Soothie pacifier. Wubbanub brand now licenses to Mary Meyer. There are currently 20 characters available from Mary Meyer. 

The pros:

  • Because the Soothie is sewn into the Wubbanub, the pacifier is not going to detach or get lost
  • The weighted front feet help keep the pacifier in the mouth. The size of the plush makes it easy for baby to hold on to
  • Machine wash, air dry
  • Mary Meyer has been in business for 75 years. They have won numerous awards for their toy safety standards

The cons:

  • Because the Wubbanub is attached to a Soothie pacifier, it is only recommended for 0-6 months (not for baby with teeth)
  • Also because the Wubbanub is attached, there is no way to change out a damaged pacifier or if baby prefers a different style or brand of pacifier

Click the photo to view all available styles.

What is a Nookums Paci-plushies?

Paci-Plushies are 6"-7" plush toys with a Hug Ring that will fit many popular pacifier brands. There are currently 16 characters available.

The pros:

  • Paci-plushies are designed to be easy for little hands to hold on to and put back in their mouth at an early age. They are textured to encourage exploration.
  • Because the pacifier is not sewn in, the pacifier can be removed or replaced easily. Information about compatibility can be found here or in the next blog post.
  • Additionally due to the ability to replace the pacifier, Paci-plushies can be used past 6 months.

The cons:

  • Some buyers report that without the weighted feet, pacifier may still fall out of the baby's mouth until he/she is old enough to hold it in.
  • Due to compatibility, some pacifiers might not fit the ring snuggly.

Click the photo to view all available styles.


Like every parenting issue, there is no one right or wrong answer. It will depend on what the individual child likes.We are pleased to offer both of these brands because they are reputable companies with quality items and outstanding customer service. 


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